Could I get you folk’s help? I’ve got to come up with a blurb for my novel, Dreaming Alejandro. The release is still a ways away, but I thought I’d get a jump on the marketing. If I could get your opinion on it and how I might improve it, that would be most appreciated. Here it is:

Cass makes porn with her dreams. Living a hand-to-mouth existence, she is in a constant race to escape her debt owed to gangsters, the debt she needed to take on to get the Rec, the device that records her dreams. Missing a payment means being thrown into the sunburned streets of the dystopia outside, exposed to the ever destructive superstorms.

Thrown a lifeline by a movie producer, Cass gets roped into making his passion project, a previously unfilmable movie of Hollywood legend. Together, they leave for the less oppressive climate of Canada, to his strange and wonderful mansion upon a hill. However, her dreams keep getting interrupted by the storm that killed her father. Will she defeat the storm of her mind before the next Big One hits?

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