New blurb for Dreaming Alejandro.

Here’s the new and refined blurb for my novel, Dreaming Alejandro:

Cass makes porn with her dreams. Living a hand-to-mouth existence, she is in a constant race to escape her debt owed to gangsters, taken on to get the Rec, the device that records her dreams. Missing a payment means being thrown into the sunburned streets of the dystopia outside, exposed to the ever destructive superstorms.

Thrown a lifeline by a movie producer, Cass gets roped into making his passion project, an unfilmable movie of Hollywood legend. Together, they leave for Canada, to his strange and wonderful mansion upon a hill. However, her dreams continue to be interrupted by the storm that killed her father. Will she defeat the storm of her mind before the next Big One hits?

If you’re a fan of the social commentary of Black Mirror or the ecological world of Dune, you’ll love Dreaming Alejandro.

What do you folks think? I’d love to hear from you. Comment down below!

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