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2019-09-22 The Latest News | Writer, Author, Penner

Welp, I haven’t done one of these in a while and it’s about time. This summer, I decided that Dreaming Alejandro was not ready for prime time. It needed work. I had to go through the pre-writing phase again, this time armed with what I have learned through Anatomy of Story. The question was whether to rewrite the bloody thing front to back or perform some heavy edits. I elected to go with the latter. Not only would writing it again be a huge time sink, it would also be throwing the baby out with the bathwater. There’s plenty of good parts in it that need to be woven together.

On more progressive news, I finished the first draft of the Dreaming Alejandro prequel. I’ll be editing the dictated bowel movement of a story into something readable in a few weeks and put it up for critique. I was going to call it Dreaming Awake, but one of the poets I met on Twitter had a book. Guess what it was called? So, yeah, it ain’t called that anymore. I’m sure I could get away with it. However, what’s the point calling it something unoriginal? I set out to find a better name, and find a better name I did. You’ll all be able to read Hypnic Noir when it’s good and ready.

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