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The Inspiration for Dreaming Alejandro | Writer, Author, Penner

A number of years ago, I read a Boing Boing article—I think it was Boing Boing—that blew my mind. It was about technology that could take input from a dream and create a rudimentary image from it. Thus, I took that idea and filed it away, knowing it would make for a great premise once I figured out how to make the dreams in the story matter. This had to be sometime before 2010 because I saw Inception soon after and thought, “Ah-ha! That’s how it’s done.”


An even larger inspiration was the documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune.

Don't tell me you wouldn't want to see that on the big screen. The actual movie, I mean. The documentary is fine at home.

It was about Alejandro Jodorowsky’s failed attempt to film Dune. The project collapsed because his dream was too damn big. The film’s budget was going to be larger than the GDP of most mid-sized countries. On top of that, the tech to film it didn’t even exist. The movie became the stuff of film legend. Without the collapse of the Dune project, we wouldn’t have gotten David Lynch’s Dune—which I love though I might be the only one—or Alien, my favorite movie of all time.

Sadly, this franchise was screwed long before Disney got their grubby little gloves on it.

A thought entered my mind. What if Jodorowsky’s vision of the movie was attempted today? What if it got the budget it needed to see the project to completion? What if someone recorded their lucid dreams and did the project for almost nothing? It was like a spark lit a pool of oil on fire. I couldn’t stop thinking about the idea. Dreaming Alejandro had been born.

Dude looks like he's got dreams so big, they're backing him up.

The first few drafts of the story were in short story form. I was still learning how to write. It was always called Dreaming Alejandro. Never could come up with a better one though I tried. (To tell the truth, I’d love it if the novel got into his hands.) When I came back from my writing break, I knew I had to work on my prose. I did the Building Great Sentences course from The Great Courses. (Can’t recommend the service though. Their apps are crap.) After that, I felt I had the chops to tackle a novel, to give the idea the telling it deserved.

Until next time!

Your humble scribe,



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