The best podcasts for the indie author who wants to learn the biz.

Honorable Mention – The Self Publishing Show

Hosts: Mark Dawson and James Blatch

When it comes down to it, Mr. Blatch is the driving force behind the podcast. For those of you hoping to hear Mark Dawson tell you how it’s done, sadly that’s not the case. He shows up for the intro and the outro and that’s about it. While the podcast is admittedly huge—Dawson is a monolith of self-publishing after all—it didn’t make it onto the list because the info on here is usually repeated on another podcast already here. It seems Dawson keeps the good stuff for his paid writing courses.


#10 – Go Publish Yourself

Hosts: Robin Cutler and Justine Blyo

Mrs. Cutler is the Director of IngramSpark, one of the major players in the self-publishing world. They dole out career advice for the author who wants to go wide (i.e. not Amazon exclusive).


#9 – The Writer Files

Host: Kelton Reid

Mr. Reid has a buttery radio voice that reminds me of 99% Invisible’s Roman Mars. This podcast isn’t necessarily about self-publishing. It deals with the creative processes behind writing. This one won’t improve your ROI, but it might help with those intangible creative juices.

#8 – Kobo Writing Life Podcast

Hosts: Joni Di Placido and Stephanie McGrath

While neither host is an author, both are higher-ups in Kobo, another one of the major players in the self-publishing world and a Canadian success story (something my country needs more of). Like Go Publish Yourself, they give advice for going wide.

#7 – Blurbs Sell Books

Hosts: Abigail Dunard and Jim Heskett

This podcast concentrates on the often overlooked but ever-so-important art of the blurb. It takes one or two blurbs and critiques them. Mr. Hesket, the author, does add his useful two-cents in every once in a while. Really, it is Mrs. Dunard, the copywriting expert, who makes this podcast invaluable.

#6 – Writing Excuses

Hosts: Dan Wells, Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler.

Mr. Sanderson and Mrs. Kowal need no introduction to fans of science fiction and fantasy. While these hosts are all traditionally published, you can’t find a better podcast that gets into the reeds of the craft of writing. It also dabbles in career advice which is always welcome.

#5 – AskAlli

Host: Orna Ross

Mrs. Ross is the director of ALLi (The Alliance of Independent Authors), she is an author and poet as well. Not only is this podcast a treasure trove of career advice, but they also do some consumer protection as well. Of course, the podcast does push memberships for Alli.

#4 – Six Figure Authors

Hosts: Lindsay Buroker, Joseph R. Lallo, Andrea Pearson

All three of the hosts are successful independent science fiction and fantasy authors. This is a great podcast to hear about how to market independent books.

#3 – Novel Marketing Podcast

Host: Thomas Umstattd Jr.

Mr. Umstattd Jr. is the former marketing director for Enclave Publishing, a Christian Fantasy publishing house. While not necessarily about independent publishing, there’s tons of good stuff to learn here.

#2 – The Sell More Books Show

Hosts: Bryan Cohen and H. Clair Taylor

Both hosts do a mixture of fiction and nonfiction. The show itself is a weekly podcast about the issues surrounding independent publishing. They also feature success stories of authors who made it and how they made it.

#1 – The Creative Penn

Hosts: Joanna Penn

Mrs. Penn is one of the monoliths of independent publishing. She writes thrillers and nonfiction for writers. The show has been around since 2009. It’s also the reason why The Self Publishing Show got an honorable mention because most of the info on that show in on this one. It’s a one-stop shop for career and marketing advice.

Your humble scribe,

Brock T.I. Penner

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