I chose the 12 Week Year to make my upcoming plan for both my writing business and fitness. The quarterly plans made sense to me. No one can predict the future with absolute certainty. The longer plans are, the more likely they are to go wrong. Also, people are most productive with a looming deadline. Annual plans have one deadline; quarterly plans have four. Country simple. The 12 Week Plans also emphasizes accountability, meaning owning the deadlines. That accountability is this newsletter. If anybody wants to help to encourage me, the WAMs (weekly accountability meetings) will be held on my discord channel here.

Every good plan starts with a powerful vision. The first item on my Aspirational Vision is that I want to be a good father to my girls. It isn’t a goal as much as a condition that shapes the rest of the plan. I’m not going to have a lot of time to waste. The next two items are that I want to be a full-time writer and to leave English teaching behind. These are inherently linked, as are the next two items. I want to achieve the ideal body weight of 69.5 kgs and to run the 2021 Yodogawa Half Marathon. Last on the list is I want to have N1 level on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. I will put this one off until I know I’ll be able to dedicate time to it.

Next, I have to see what I can realistically do in 12 weeks. Goal 1 is to finish the first draft of my military sci-fi litRPG, Charlie Foxtrot Zero. This goal is important to me because I need a book to put on the market. It is going to be the first of many books I will provide to customers and fans. I’m going to celebrate by buying the Road to the Black Sea DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. I don’t have any time to play, but I still want it. Goal 2 is to lose 3 kgs. This one is important because I want to live to see my daughters grow up. What more, tying my shoes has become uncomfortable. I’ll celebrate with a night of beer.

Now it’s time to get more granular. Here are my weekly goals for Goal 1:

  • 1. write 500 words a day of novel, plan, or newsletter everyday
  • 2. publish Chapter 43 due Jan 12
  • 3. publish 44 due Jan 19
  • 4. publish 45 due Jan 26
  • 5. publish 46 due Feb 02
  • 6. publish 47 due Feb 09
  • 7. publish 48 due Feb 16
  • 8. publish 49 due Feb 23
  • 9. publish 50 due Mar 02
  • 10. publish 51 due Mar 09
  • 11. publish 52 due Mar 16
  • 12. publish 53 due Mar 23
  • 13. publish 54 due Mar 30

This schedule will change over time. As I plan and write, chapters will get added. Changing the plan is part of the plan.

Here are my weekly goals for Goal 2:

  • 1. weigh myself every morning and night
  • 2. run 3 times a week
  • 3. heal torn rotator cuff with light weights 3 times a week
  • 4. weigh 85 kgs due Jan 16
  • 5. weigh 84.75 due Jan 23
  • 6. weigh 84.5 due Jan 30
  • 7. weigh 84.25 due Feb 6
  • 8. weigh 84 due Feb 13
  • 9. weigh 83.75 due Feb 20
  • 10. weigh 83.5 due Feb 27
  • 11. weigh 83.25 due Mar 6
  • 12. weigh 83 due Mar 13
  • 13. weigh 82.75 due Mar 20
  • 14. weigh 82.5 due Mar 27

Of course, there will be difficulties in implementing these changes. First off, if I’m to continue putting my kids first, I’m not going to have a lot of time to write. I’ll have to get up early and dictate for twenty minutes and edit on the train to work. Any free time during the day will be used to meet my word quota for that day. Also, I’ll have to make sure not to injure myself. I will stretch before exercising and massage my calves after jogging.

So, that’s my plan. Wish me luck!

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